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The McGill pain index is a scale that shows the rating of pain. It was originally developed as the McGill pain questionnaire back in 1971 at the McGill University by 2 researchers; Ronald MELZACK and Warren TOGERSON.


The original McGill pain questionnaire in 1971 had 3 major classes of word descriptors which were:

  • Sensory – sensitivity, skin colour or temperature changes
  • Affective – how it affects you as a sufferer e.g. fear, tension
  • Evaluative – finding where the pain is

The McGill pain questionnaire also had an intensity scale to determine the properties of pain experience of sufferers.

(Melzack, R. 1975)



#CRPS is the most painful #ChronicPain condition in the world. The #Pain Scale shows u the pain levels of CRPS


There are a large number of different pictorial versions of the McGill pain index, the Burning Nights CRPS Support version is below:




CRPS Pain Scale | McGill Pain Index | CRPS reaches 42 out of 50



CRPS / RSD Type II is classed as the most painful chronic pain condition that is known.

It reaches approx 42 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Scale, higher than non-terminal cancer, higher than amputation of a finger without anaesthesia… So, why is there not much really known about this terrible chronic pain condition? Why are people suffering from this burning, stinging pain?



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The McGill pain scale / index is an important part of chronic pain evaluation and it is a good way of showing sufferers and their families, friends and loved ones that not only does CRPS exist but is an extremely painful chronic pain condition.


Written: 10/10/2014

Last Updated: 04/08/2016


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