Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

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NERVEmber Burning Nights products Poem

Last Updated: 5th December, 20142014-12-05NERVEMBER BURNING NIGHTS PRODUCTS   Yes, that’s rights! It’s NERVEmber CRPS AWARENESS MONTH right until the end of this month NOVEMBER / NERVEmber and we have another POEM! This time the theme for the poem is the products...

Poem for CRPS NERVEmber!

Last Updated: 5th December, 20142014-12-05POEM FOR CRPS AWARENESS MONTH aka NERVEMBER   Here’s a great poem for this CRPS AWARENESS MONTH NERVEmber!   If anyone writes any poetry please feel free to send it in to me and I can put it on the blog section of Burning...


Last Updated: 14th April, 20152015-04-14PRODUCTS SURVEY October-Nervember!   YES!! That’s right Burning Nights – CRPS Support has another survey on its website.   This survey is for NEW PRODUCTS that you’d like to see on the Burning Nights website,...
Hands of Support

Nervember CRPS Awareness month!

Last Updated: 28th October, 20142014-10-28Remember, remember, CRPS Nervember!   Tell your family, friends, followers & anyone who’ll listen that NERVEMBER CRPS AWARENESS MONTH is almost upon us!   Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy...
Mirror Therapy

How To Use Mirror Therapy for CRPS

Last Updated: 15th June, 20182018-06-15How To Use Mirror Image Therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)   Have you tried mirror image therapy for your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or your chronic neuropathic pain condition? Mirror therapy has various titles...
Quick Guide to Pacing for your CRPS & Persistent Pain - How do you get your jobs done without making yourself so in pain that you can't do anything for days? - Pace Yourself | Burning Nights CRPS Support

Quick Guide To Pacing For Your CRPS & Persistent Pain

Last Updated: 1st November, 20172017-11-01Quick Guide To Pacing For Your CRPS & Persistent Pain   What is pacing? How does it help you with your CRPS, persistent pain or other chronic pain condition? How do you ‘pace‘?   When you hear the term...
Relaxation for CRPS/RSD and chronic pain

How To Use Relaxation Techniques For CRPS

Last Updated: 28th February, 20182018-02-28How To Use Relaxation Techniques For Your CRPS or Chronic Pain   When you are told to try to use  relaxation techniques for your CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), you will most likely be thinking of long luxurious warm baths,...
Desensitisation Techniques for CRPS/RSD


Last Updated: 2nd June, 20172017-06-02Do you want to learn more about Desensitisation Techniques for your CRPS? Read on..   DESENSITISATION TECHNIQUES Using desensitisation techniques as part of your persistent pain or CRPS management routine is something that doctors, pain...


Last Updated: 3rd October, 20142014-10-03CRPS / RSD SURVEY   Please take part in the first Burning Nights CRPS survey below! When all the results are in I will be displaying the results to show whether CRPS is more common in men or women, or where the majority of...
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