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London To Paris Bike Ride


Wednesday, July 24, 2019 @ 00:00 Sunday, July 28, 2019 @ 23:30 UTC+0

Support Izzy and Ben in their London To Paris Bike Ride fundraiser | Burning Nights CRPS Support

London To Paris Bike Ride


On 24 July 2019, 2 young people; Ben and Isabelle, will be doing an absolutely amazing and difficult charity fundraiser; the London To Paris Bike Ride!


Between 24 July 2019 – 28 July 2019 Ben and Isabelle will be cycling their way from London to Paris and will be raising money for 2 charities – Burning Nights CRPS Support and Melanoma UK.

The bike ride is a total of 300 miles! Izzy and Ben will leave from London on Wednesday morning and then cycle 95 miles to Calais on their first day. Day two, they’ll cycle from Calais to Arras – a total of 75 miles. Day 3 will be a 70 mile ride from Arras to Beauvais and then finally a 60 mile ride from Beauvais to the Eiffel Tower on the final day. They will arrive in Paris on the Saturday and will then watch the Tour de France finish in Paris on the Sunday.


Isabelle or Izzy is supporting Burning Nights CRPS Support because she is a Chronic Pain Syndrome patient herself but was previously diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and so the difficult London To Paris bike ride will be particularly tough for her because of her condition. Ben will be supporting Melanoma UK in memory of his Grandfather.


On their fundraiser page Izzy has written:

After a fall to on her coccyx last year, Izzy has had problems with her back and legs. For 16 months, specialists bounced around the idea that she had ‘complex regional pain syndrome’ but it has only been recently that she was diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome which is slightly different but has the same symptoms. The charity has been vital for Izzy to find support and people to connect with during a time when there was a lot of uncertainty. The people she connected with through the charity have been vital for her to find the right treatments and get support from people who understand.


Please show your support for Izzy and Ben by making a small donation because every penny counts for both charities. To donate to their London To Paris Bike Ride fundraiser please visit their fundraising page – London To Paris Bike Ride.


Written: 01/11/2018

Last Updated: 16/07/2019

London To Paris Bike Ride

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