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    Painkillers for chronic pain are given all the time but a recent article has come out that challenges their use. The article discusses the possibility that they could be doing more harm than good.

    The American Academy of Neurology have said that powerful painkillers like opiates are doing very little to help and imprve a chronic pain sufferers ‘daily function.’

    What do you think? Do you think your painkillers are working? Read the article and make a comment here!


    Of my entire protocol for RSD treatment (and the AMA really doesn’t have anything very useful for us, imo)….my painkillers are the most critical element of my daily care. I hesitate to say this as some moron is going to assume the wrong thing and put me on some kind of list, I’m sure. Bottom line, I have tried every medication my pain mgt. doc has asked me to try, and many of the CNS drugs are quite debilitating and don’t do a whole lot to alleviate RSD, or enable me to coexist with it. My RSD is systemic, and initiated in a spine injury, and I have 4 people in my family with RSD, too…..and of those, it’s gone systemic in 3 of us. I am very worried and upset about the new opinions concerning pain management and the use of opiods for the treatment of chronic pain, because people with RSD know that these things are useful. No, they don’t take my pain away, but they alleviate it, which is critical to my wellbeing in so many ways and on so many levels. I literally wake in the mornings and crawl to my safe where I take out my pain meds and after taking, wait around 30-40 minutes while they get in my system, and then, I am able to move about some. I work in my home office and am a functioning person with these things assisting me to do that. Without pain meds, I likely would never get out of bed, and if I did, it would be to move somewhere else to sit down and just cope with being alive/awake.
    I know my body is probably hooked on these medications since I’ve taken them for several years now, but they are still a useful part of my daily routine, and I do not have any abuse issues with them. I do not misuse my medications….ie: chew or shoot up or whatever, or take too many……but I do use my medications and they are beneficial. All this talk in the medical community about them being not useful after a period of time is hogwash….I know, because every single day, I await their getting into my system, and then I am a little better able to do my thing. I do know this, though….the dose I require in the morning is much more effective than the dose later in the day, once I’ve been moving around and doing and my pain levels have gone up, up, up…..so, I am not able to do much later in the day, as my pain meds don’t work as well for me after my pain levels have gone up so high…..BUT….after rest, tomorrow is a new day, and I get results again from the first dose I take.
    I know they don’t care to hear what I have to say about this, and I dread the day that comes when I won’t be able to get them to listen to me at all, and they try to take away my medications…..I cannot imagine what existing will be like then……if………..if at all……frankly.


    I agree with u painpaingoaway, I also take opiates and have for around 3 years now, and because of the talk and new CDC guidelines I’m constantly weening off when not in s flare and upping the dose when it flares. Which in itself is a nightmare. For me without my pain meds I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed! There is a fine line between addiction and dependence due to pain relief. Chronic pain patients are being swept under the carpet in this debate and tarnishing every opiate taker with the same brush is unfair. Even worse is that some pain patients are unable to get their meds now because of the new CDC guidelines and this is in my opinion as bad as torture!
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    Could not agree more with both posts. One of the things I have asked for many times is something to simply knock me out. You know, when you haven’t been able to sleep for days and the pain is in tolerable despite the meds. The answer is always no.

    In many respects I hope that the pain killers are killing me. Not to be alarmist or anything but I find one of the worst aspects of our disease is that apart from the shortening of life expectancy we are not terminal. The thought that there is no end is simply horrible.

    I realise many will not agree with me, its just how I feel sometimes.

    Best wishes


    The idiots that wrote the paper saying opiate meds did more harm than good , either have never lived or known anyone with chronic pain or they are that afraid of litigation because of the stories of addiction coming out the United States. So for the problems a few, who were prescribed opiates ,possibly wrongly,i we all have to go through the torture of our G.Ps threatening to take the ONLY meds that work from us

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