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    I have had CRPS for nearly 10 years I thought that my time watching racing at the circuit was over but it wasn’t I have been given a season pass for my birthday and now I can go up to the circuit anytime I like.
    It gives me the freedom to get away from Carers and to just roam and enjoy myself.
    I can watch whatever I like from bikes to cars and trucks. My best friend is in charge of AIM for the grid which has got me into the pits to watch the BTCC with Team Hard which are based in Kent.
    The great thing about brands is if u ask they will help u out and any of the MSV circuits are the same if like me u like to have some one with you then you can take a Carer with u for free this means u have to book by phone but they then send the tickets out first class.
    Brands has excellent access to the Paddock and also if u ask u can and book in advance u can get a ticket to view the race from there disabled area which again you have to book in advance but it is a wonderful fun filled place for the motorsport enthusiast.


    Thank u for the information that’s really good to know. It’s great when somewhere is so facilitating of disabilities and our needs.
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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