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    I have rsd/crps in my left leg. I used crutches to walk. I some times get muscle spasms in other parts of my body as well as my leg. Just a week ago I ended up calling an ambulance and going to A&E as my upper back went into sudden pain. No warning just one second ok huge pain the next. I thought I was going to die. Thought was it a heart attack? . Tried to use my CBT to talk myself round but the pain was overwhelming and I was covered head to toe in sweat. The only way I can describe the pain was it felt like someone was sitting on my upper back at the same time as squeezing my ribs in. The pressure was the worst. I could breath fine my heart wasn’t pounding so what was it?. Entonox did not work. Had blood tests ultrasound nothing showing. Gave me a standard dose of oramorph took the edge off. discharged with no follow up . My only conclusion is its my CRPS. I still have what feels like bruising across by upper back and it feels warm to the touch. Does anyone know if this is CRPS spreading? Any answers would be helpful. Thanks

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    Hey Karrine,

    I am so sorry to hear you had such a scary time! How are you doing now?
    I applaud you for using CBT as this is such a great tool! I also use this myself alongside mindfulness positive affirmations, that really help me alot. Unfortunately, I am not a doctor so unable to confirm what it was and unfortunately, A&E will not give follow up appointments as they are only there to help you as an emergency. I would suggest you contact your consultant or GP if you don’t have a consultant, especially as you were admitted into A&E and also because you feel your symptoms are spreading. Apologies that I couldn’t be more helpful but please do keep us updated on how you are doing and keep practising your CBT.

    Love & light


    Hello Karrine
    I hope you managed to get some advice from your GP or consultant?
    For me I was told that my CRPS had spread from my left hand where it started initially in 2000, to my right hand in 2001 at which point I was diagnosed with CRPS. Roll on a few years to 2012 and it spread again and my dr confirmed that. This time it started spreading to areas including the whole of my upper body including my hips and back and beyond.
    So for me personally it did spread but it has to be confirmed by a Dr.


    hi i have learnt that CRPS is a full body thing. so any part can feel the pain etc… i have felt many times like an elephant is sitting on my chest..I tell him to go away but he doesn’t listen well. lol…it started in my right shoulder and i have felt it everywhere…

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