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    Hi there,
    I just joined in the hope someone can help me.
    I’ve been very unwell for the last 10 months at the end of my tether with Drs. I was about to give up when somehowsomehow while digging through Google, I finally found a condition that seems to match my symptoms. A couple of things I don’t have so thought I would check here.
    Basically this deep burning and itching began right after a minor op to remove a bbenign mole on my left chest near my boob. The pain and itching began almost immediately after around the area and referred into my rib. The Dr said it was normal for it feel like that while healing. But it never went away and over the years gradually spread through my bleft boob, down the side of my rib cage, tthrough left armpit & upper arm & shoulder. I’ve lived with it as it was a dull pain but then the itching & pain started creeping up the left side of my throat and neck. Dr said prob nerve damage. I felt fine so just ignored it but it began spreading further down my left ribcage to upper stomach and my lower back. Again I ignored it but last year (after ten years) things took a major bad turn. I began getting the pain & itch in my left hip & then my left foot which would also go numb. I assumed this was coming from the pain at the base of my spine.Then last summer I noticed the pains that had dominated my left chest etc getting worse and it reached my upper sspine. Shortly after the pain had spread to the right shoulder, armpit, ribcage etc. But its when it hit my neck & skull base that I started to feel very unwell. I started getting nose bleeds, dizzy/near fainting, numbness in my throat and face, rapid weight loss, crazy thirst, impaired cognition, tremors, weakness & numbness in upper arms. Its like as soon as my neck got bad I ended up with central nervous system symptoms. My skin burns, its so sensitive in the areas of pain, I’ve had redness, sore spots, tons of darkened spots like freckles, thining skin, temperature probs (like ice cold hands then boiling hot), but not really swelling. My neck is particularly bad which seems to create headaches, very sensitive scalp, eye pain & even reduced hearing sometimes. I know that this pain is the same as what I had for years that began after that minor op, its just much worse & feels like its everywhere, especially either side if my spine. My hip bones grind & left ribcage (where is began) keeps popping, like it clicks or catches on something.I’ve become too unwell to function. My hair and skin have radically changed since this happened & my circulation is poor. I also get dots of blood under my skin & bring ken blood vessels.

    I was stunned when I read advanced stages of CRPS can affect the nervous system, endocrine & vascular systems as I have all of it.

    I’ve been tested for diabetes, Lyme’s, brain & neck scan, autoimmune blood tests, even a bone marrow biopsy. All normal. Just inflammation, anaemia & raised white cells.

    Is it possible it could be CRPS but without swelling?

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