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    What is the InformMii App and How Does It Work?


    The InformMii app is a very innovative and easy free app for anyone with a disability to use that can be downloaded either on Apple app store or on the Android app on Google Play.


    InformMii app | App for those with a disability



    It has been designed by disabled people for disabled people to try and accommodate their needs and abilities. Going to visit places and events can be a nightmare if you have a disability, this is where the InformMii app comes into it’s own. The app gives you information and directions in, around and out of buildings, places and events, which takes the hassle out of going places.


    You could plan your routes and actually benefit from real time messages about obstructions, emergency evacuation instructions and other hazards.

    So how do you use the InformMii app?

    No extra software is needed to use this app, you only need an internet connection, a phone or tablet that has the ability to take photos and add text and that’s all there is to it! According to the InformMii app owners, for phone users this is how you use the app:

    • Download the app 
    • Search for your building of choice,
    • Download plans and view over your phone, even if you lose wifi signal you will still have your plan on the phone/ tablet
    • Get direction from stations, airport or points of entry direct to your location
    • See the route before you arrive
    • Have a look around hotel rooms and check data to see if the accommodation is suitable


    InformMii app


    The more people use the app the better it will get, so download the app today and start checking out places to visit that are suitable for your needs as a disabled person! Check out the InformMii website via their InformMii link and download the app today!





    Written: 16/04/2017

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