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    So, in light of recent world events alot of our community will be spending even more time at home so what are everyone’s plans for entertaining themselves, keeping occupied and exercising? In fairness we’re used to having to do this in flare up times 😏

    I’ve been teaching myself to crochet the last couple of weeks so I’ll be decorating every surface with colourful knitwear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I’ve also got a huge list of books to work through on my kindle.

    What’s everyone else up to? 😊


    Lots of knitting! I’ve taken up making patchwork blankets which I love doing – choosing the colours, the fact that you don’t have to invest too much time or energy to feel a sense of achievement in having finished a square. I pick a scene from nature and then create a blanket around those colours…like moorland, or an expanse of water, lavender fields etc. I’ve never branched into crochet but maybe I should try this too!

    I recently learnt that knitting actually helps manage pain because by using both sides of the body (as you do when you walk, run etc) you’re regulating the nervous system…and for me, as I can’t walk, this is a great way of managing my pain too.

    Good luck with the crochet!



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