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    I was diagnosed with CRPS 5 years ago in my left arm following a motorbike accident, and am still dealing with solicitors.
    Today I had an email from my solicitor, and though we have been communicating a lot recently I feel like I have been ambushed by them today as it is Saturday I don’t know who I can turn to for advice and they want us to make a decision on Monday on how they should proceed.
    The letter sets out how my solicitor sees things are with the case at the moment and the other side is pushing for fundamental dishonesty, in which case they say I could end up in prison. I have been honest about my situation, but do get confused at times. Or they can try to settle for a previous offer made a long time ago but was not withdrawn (if it’s even possible).
    There are other problems with the case, up until now I believed that they would be dealt with but it seems not.
    Now I’m not sure who to turn to. The pain, allodynia and depression are still there, though the colour changes are less often (pale more than red now) my arm now looks “normal” most of the time so they’re saying the CRPS got better.
    We really don’t know what to do any more.

    Please, please please, could anyone suggest someone we could speak to over this weekend for help/advice?

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