Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

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    Hi there
    My name is Louise and I am a university student at Edge Hill University. I’m in my final year. I suffer with CRPS and for my final year I have to produce an advert for a charity of my choice and of course I have chosen Burning Nights. I’ve been chatting with Victoria and Michelle about the advert I am doing and they have said it is ok to post here as I have a huge favour to ask of you ladies and gents.

    My tutor, who is a famous animator, he did the old scotch video tape advert with the skeletons lol. Showing my age! Anyway he feels that my advert would be better with voices from actual sufferers. We know how it feels. We know what the pain does to us so would it be possible for me to have 3 or 4 people record a short statement of how CRPS affects you and if you don’t mind your face being on an advert could I have a small headshot photograph of yourself (this may or may not be used – it’s just incase). If you want to take part and are not able to record then writing down your words is fine as long as you do not mind one of my fellow students doing a voice over on your part. I promise I won’t give you a bad accent!

    Also I would be grateful if you could also record a short statement of what Burning Nights has done for you.

    I may not get this animation finished as we are supposed to be working in groups and I’m solo as I was off sick so missed out in choosing a group but if I do not get it finished I will be working on it in my spare time after graduation because this is something I obviously hold close to my heart.

    Anyway my email is msalcarpenter@gmail.com If you could put in the subject line ANIMATION VOICE BURNING NIGHTS – I can flag it then so it doesn’t get lost with all my Jared Leto emails hehe.

    If you do record your voice using an iphone or smartphone is fine but can I ask that there is no background noise – tv off, any fans off and windows shut and if possible please have no ticking clocks. It’s just going to make the sound a lot more professional when I overlay it onto the animation.

    Quickly I will tell you a bit about me. Im 42. Have crps, lupus and fibromyalgia and am a single mum to two teens who are autistic. My youngest son has a multiskeletal pain problem and has had varicose veins since he was 10. He is 18 now so can finally get sorted. I am in a wheelchair after losing the full use of my legs last year and they think crps is accacking my back where I had a lumbar puncture and cutting out the signals that should be being sent telling me that it’s ok to stand. I can stand for a few minutes until my brain goes nope and then I start shaking like supergran!Except I collapse and don’t go around saving people sadly lol I LOVE CATS.I love all animals but cats are my fave. I ha ve four. I did have six but sadly lost 2 last year due to RTA and cancer. I miss them a lot.

    Anyway that’s me. Feel free to write and ask me questions. I need these asap as I should have posted last week but got shingles and totally forgot! So I am awfully sorry about the short notice.

    Nice to meet you all. I’m going to be posting here as a member too so I guess this is my hi too!

    Hugs and Best wishes

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