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    I’m new to this site but I have had crps since 2010. It was a work injury and it took 6 nerve root injection,4 snr injections and 2 epidurals along with 2 years of physical therapy before they said it was crps! By then I already had vaso constriction in my right leg and it had spread to my left causing vaso dilation. I’m in my 30’s and permanently disabled and had a 16 lead scs put in in 2012 but itis starting not to work so well anymore.
    Anyways, in October my bp started to drop when standing or standing for to long (I have ADHD and take 30mg of adderall a day) it raises your blood pressure normally but mine now is 100/70 when sitting and 88/64 standing so when this happened I started having severe abdomen pain had an ultrasound I had a polyp 6mm at the neck of my gallbladder in December 2014 and in February 2015 the surgeon said he could tell I have an inflammatory issue. Because my gallbladder was filled inside and outside with inflammatory lesions. My question is can crps affect your gallbladder or biliary tract? My specialist and family doctor have already told me with the orthostatic hypotension they do blood tests to check my lymphocytes because of the autonomic dysfunction and they said it was a multi systemic disease but they said it doesn’t normally affect the gallbladder. So if anyone knows if it does or any other info on advanced stages of crps it would be greatly appreciated thanks


    Hello ‘Stephu’
    I’m sorry to read you’ve been having all these problems. But welcome to Burning Nights and I hope you find information and support from other sufferers on the forum.

    It has been found that CRPS can affect internal organs including the gallbladder. It isn’t very common to be honest and there isn’t much on the web about the affects it can have on it but yes it has been known.

    As for other internal organs, here is a document from a Doctor in USA who has a lot of information on the spread of CRPS, where it can go etc.. There is a section in this that says about internal organs. Click on this link -> SPREAD OF CRPS

    I’m sorry that I haven’t got much more information about the affect on the gallbladder, but maybe other sufferers on here have more info.

    Please feel free to post new threads or answer others at any time and welcome again to Burning Nights

    Best Wishes


    Hi Stephu,

    I’ve found another link that could help you with your questions about internal organ spread. Here it is –


    Hope this helps!

    Take care

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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