Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Volunteer Stories

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds but they all have one thing in common… They give up their skills and their time to help our charity for free. Thank You to each and every volunteer because without them we could not offer the services that we offer.

It doesn’t matter whether you have complex regional pain syndrome or not, what matters is you being able to give up your time to commit to help support patients, families, friends and carers of people living with a rare disease – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Interested in volunteering with Burning Nights CRPS Support? Find out what volunteering with us is like from our volunteers themselves.

Meet Lisa – Volunteer and Trustee

Lisa Davis has been volunteering since 2016 and became a trustee in 2017. Find out why Lisa volunteered with Burning Nights CRPS Support in her short video

Meet Sarah – Support Group Volunteer

Sarah lives in Staffordshire with her husband and Bichon Frise called Rosie. Sarah is an Occupational Therapist by training and she has also had CRPS for around 4 years initially starting in her left leg but has now also affected her right arm.

Sarah chose to volunteer for Burning Nights CRPS Support because:

I wanted to use some of my skills acquired in my career to help others. I have also had quite a bit of treatment for CRPS and thought I may be able to help others with some of the knowledge I have acquired.

Sarah – volunteer

Interested in Volunteering?

Interested in volunteering with Burning Nights CRPS Support? Learn more about our current opportunities via Volunteer with Us.

We Need Your Support

Please help us provide counselling to people affected by CRPS. Our help, services and advice are only possible thanks to donations from people like you. If you can, please donate now.