Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

CRPS Support Groups

Meeting with other people who are affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is important. Knowing you are not on your own going through this difficult journey is crucial.

Whilst our support groups the pain might never go away, joining one of our CRPS support group can help you work out how to alleviate some of the symptoms, learn more about your condition and, most importantly, make some friends who truly understand what you’re going through.

Where Are Our Support Groups?

We hold 2 main CRPS support groups – Manchester and Central London. Both are held in offices to enable you to talk more privately.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended our physical CRPS support groups.

Online CRPS Support Groups

Instead we have moved our groups to online. These allow you to access many of the benefits of an in-person support group without having to leave the house. We understnad that your condition is unpredictable, so our online CRPS support groups are especially useful for those who may struggle to get out to one of our support groups.

Aims of Support Groups

As a charity we have several aims for our support groups no matter whether they are online or not. These are:

  • To enable CRPS patients, carers, families and friends to meet on a regular, monthly basis to provide mutual support
  • To enable those affected by CRPS to meet others in a similar situation and to share your feelings and experiences
  • To provide an opportunity to learn more and understand about the condition, so sufferers can educate yourself, family members, friends, work colleagues about CRPS
  • To help provide emotional support and coping mechanisms
  • To draw strength from other CRPS patients’ experiences or those affected by the condition
  • To share information around care, healing and various treatments available
  • To build a social network
  • To improve the quality of life living or dealing with CRPS
  • To try to reduce isolation and vulnerability that comes with living with a chronic pain condition such as CRPS

Interested In Joining Our Next Support Group?

Please visit our events page for the date of our next support group.


A support group is a good resource. Burning Nights CRPS Support is a registered UK charity mainly run by volunteers who are themselves CRPS patients or family members, we are not doctors or medically trained. However please do not make any changes to your medication or pain regime without first speaking to your doctor, GP or specialist consultant.

We Need Your Support

Please help us provide counselling to people affected by CRPS. Our help, services and advice are only possible thanks to donations from people like you. If you can, please donate now.