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Local Regional CRPS Support Group Poll


Burning Nights Local Regional CRPS Support Group Poll/Survey


As you may be aware, Burning Nights CRPS Support charity hold regular CRPS support groups in Manchester and have started a support group in the Bristol/Bath areas. We are considering starting new local regional CRPS Support groups in other areas of the UK. Please contact us with your details in this poll/survey if you’re interested in taking part in a CRPS support group in your area.

Living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) can make you feel as if no-one knows or understands how you feel, as you are surrounded by friends and family who don’t have the condition. But by joining a face to face support group for CRPS, those feelings of being alone, isolated and vulnerable are what we want to change.

To take part in this local regional CRPS support group poll/survey we just need you to send us an email containing some information so we can work out how many people in various areas of the UK are interested in taking part in a CRPS support group. Please see further down this blog for the information we need from you.


If you’re interested in starting up and becoming a leader or deputy-leader for a CRPS support group in your area, please contact us and let us know. We can then advertise for people in that area. Our founder, Victoria will usually come to your 1st support group to show you how things run and the relevant paperwork needed.



Local Regional CRPS Support Groups Poll | Burning Nights CRPS Support | UK CRPS Charity

Local Regional CRPS Support Groups Poll | Burning Nights CRPS Support | UK CRPS Charity


These regular monthly groups are there to give you help and support as CRPS sufferers and your carers, loved ones, family members and friends. If there are enough non sufferers we will be able to split up the 2 groups (non sufferers and sufferers) to allow you to be able to chat and get help from others just like you. One of the ways in which those who suffer with CRPS find help and relief is when you meet up with others in the same situation as yourselves. A self-help support group provides an opportunity for those meetings to occur.


We will aim to have a professional speaker for around 30-40 minutes at the start of the group and then for the remainder of the time to chat between everyone. If you would like to hear from a specific speaker or learn about a certain topic or even have an arts & crafts session, then please get in touch with us and give us the details.


We want to provide support to you all and to help you cope better with your condition; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Thee groups are there so you can share your problems, feelings, ideas and information with others who are undergoing similar experiences. But we can’t solve all of your problems, nor are they there to replace the services of a pain specialist, doctor or other health care professionals that may be involved in your care.





If you are interested in joining a local regional support group in your area please EMAIL US with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Area you would be willing to travel to for a support group
  • Also include in your email if you would be willing to become the leader or sub-leader for the CRPS support group


Once we have sufficient people in 1 or more areas we will look into the possibility of starting up a local regional CRPS support group for that area.





Email: Support Group Email 

Phone: 01663 795055

Contact Us page

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chronicpainCRPS

Twitter: @BNightsCRPS

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Please be assured that confidentiality is very important to us at Burning Nights CRPS Support. So what do you think about joining other sufferers like yourself? These support group meetings can help you cope better and feel less isolated as you make connections with others facing similar challenges and experiences as yourself, so why not join us and take part in this local regional CRPS support group poll/survey?


Last Updated: 27/02/2017

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About the Author
As the Founder of Burning Nights CRPS Support, I want to help all those affected by this devastating condition which includes those living with CRPS, their relatives, partners, carers and friends. I'm also barrister, advocate & have lived with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) since 2003. I am also a bilateral (double) above knee amputee due to aggressive symptoms of CRPS. Please help spread awareness of this debilitating and life-changing condition - CRPS. We need your support!

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