Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
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Newsletter Submissions Please!


Newsletter Submissions Please!

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Newsletter Submissions Ideas

  • Do you have a personal complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) journey you’d like to share on our blog and/or on our Instagram feed? You don’t have to be a CRPS sufferer, as we’re wanting to share the journeys of carers, family members and loved ones as well. Interested? Visit our Share Your CRPS Story article
  • Are you holding a fundraising event in aid of Burning Nights CRPS Support? If so, we love to share your fundraiser photos on our gallery as well as our e-newsletter and on our social media feeds

Special Someone Nominations

In our e-newsletter we usually have A SPECIAL SOMEONE mention. This gives YOU a chance to nominate your partner, friend, family member, carer, loved one … or who you think has helped you a lot with your daily life or your pain or just to sit and comfort you during those hard days. This award will give those people recognition for what they do for you as a CRPS sufferer that would necessarily go unnoticed.

Every month the person who is nominated for the SOMEONE SPECIAL award will receive a FREE PRIZE from us! To receive your prize you must send us your home address within 14 days from the date the newsletter goes out, so we can post it out to you!


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Last Updated: 18/01/2020

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About the Author
As the Founder of Burning Nights CRPS Support, I want to help all those affected by this devastating condition which includes those living with CRPS, their relatives, partners, carers and friends. I'm also barrister, advocate & have lived with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) since 2003. I am also a bilateral (double) above knee amputee due to aggressive symptoms of CRPS. Please help spread awareness of this debilitating and life-changing condition - CRPS. We need your support!
  1. leigh wilburn

    Hiya please can you help I’ve been suffering from CRPS for a few years now i have had so many specialist appointments to try and help me but have never worked. I also had a spinal cord stimulating device fitted which also never worked an had to have the device removed around 2 weeks after for severe infection. I’m now trying to find am surgeon that would be happy to do an amputation on my right lower leg as the CRPS is in my right foot / ankle. I’m in the UK an live in Norfolk I recently left the British army last year November 2014 I got my injuries whilst serving in the forces. I’m just finding it hard to get a surgeon who will do the amputation can anyone help. Much appreciated regards leigh wilburn.

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