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‘Burning Nights’

At the tender age of 24 years old having what sounded like a ‘simple’ accident whilst at work then having the first 3 years of non-stop 24/7 tormenting pain, ulcers, infections, many different and painful treatments and dealing with an above the knee amputation at 27. The pain condition Victoria has is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

This was not the end of three of the most horrendous years of anyone’s life, let alone Victoria’s. Yes it stopped the ulcers forming again, but just 9 months later she went back into surgery for an infection of the newly formed stump bone, had more bone cut away and further urgent surgery when the femoral artery ruptured.

Life carried on as ‘normally’ as it could for an amputee and the journey goes through more trials and tribulations including several pneumonia infections, trialling a prosthetic leg but failing even after one was bought privately for £17,500 and so Victoria had to get used to being in a wheelchair full time at such a tender young age, which proves harder than anyone can imagine in the 21st Century. The book also goes through injustices, pigeon-holing and the very prejudicious National Health Service and its doctors, nurses and consultants.

We go with Victoria with the buying of a beautiful home and pool in Tenerife, being caught up by the seller and notary falsifying the house deeds and failing to follow the law. 

Finally coming to a close of the book with having to deal with her husband being given a less than 20% chance of survival for Victoria whilst in New York on holiday after contracting Swine Flu and having a confirmed diagnosis of the terribly painful chronic condition in her other leg and now facing a further amputation on the one and only leg. 

Now we have to wait and find out what will happen next?

By Victoria Abbott-Fleming
(C) 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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By Victoria Abbott-Fleming

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