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Eva’s CRPS Story

Last Updated: 13th May, 20192019-05-13 Eva’s CRPS Story This month our CRPS patient story has been written by Eva who currently lives in Cyprus. Eva has lived with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for the last eight (8) months and she has decided to tell her CRPS story. This...
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Last Updated: 28th January, 20162016-01-28A CRPS JOURNEY   A CRPS journey has been written by a lovely lady, Jesika Bell who has had CRPS since 2011 after suffering a sprained ankle while at work.   This CRPS journey makes you realise that CRPS can happen to anyone for...


Last Updated: 16th September, 20152015-09-16NEW CRPS STORY   This month’s CRPS/RSD story has come from a lovely lady in USA called JANICE NARGI. We hope you enjoy reading Janice’s CRPS story and gain strength and support from it to help you cope with your own...


Last Updated: 23rd June, 20152015-06-23NEW CRPS JOURNEY   For this new CRPS journey it is a slightly special one, as it has been written by a very kind and positive gentleman; Pete Lacey from Essex, UK. This gentleman is not just any ordinary CRPS sufferer but in fact he is...
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