Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Check Out Our Top 6 Tips on How To Keep Cool In The Heat Living With A Chronic Illness via Burning Nights CRPS Support

How To Keep Cool In The Heat Living With Chronic Illness

Last Updated: 18th July, 20192019-07-18 Our Top 6 Tips On How To Keep Cool During Hot Weather When You Live With A Chronic Illness. Learn how to keep yourself cool during the hot weather when you live with a chronic illness such as CRPS, with our top six (6) tips. Living with a...

Infographic: Common Hidden Illnesses Explained

Last Updated: 22nd June, 20172017-06-22Some injuries or disabilities are visually evident, while others can be near-impossible to detect. These hidden illnesses also known as invisible illnesses or invisible disabilities not only create a lot of suffering for the people affected,...

Infographic: ‘But You Don’t Look Sick!’ – Understanding Invisible Illness

Last Updated: 22nd June, 20172017-06-22This infographic explores the impact that a degree of understanding (or lack thereof) can have on a person who suffers from an invisible illness which may not be evident externally. The words and deeds of others , depending on their nature,...

Infographic: What Is CRPS and What Can We Do About It?

Last Updated: 29th January, 20202020-01-29 Learning what CRPS is and how it can be managed is important. Our CRPS awareness infographic helps you to understand more about this debilitating chronic condition. This infographic outlines all the key information about Complex Regional...
Invisible Illness awareness Week


Last Updated: 25th September, 20152015-09-25INVISIBLE ILLNESS AWARENESS WEEK   Every year since 2002 at the end of September and beginning of October there is Invisible Illness Awareness Week, when we try and make the public and medical professions aware of the large number...
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