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Online Community Forum Policy

Burning Nights CRPS Support Online Community Guidelines & Moderation Policy

When taking part in our Online Community Forum there are a few pointers we would like you to follow that will make our community a safe and friendly environment for everybody.

Respect Other People’s Views And Opinions

Burning Nights CRPS Support’s community is a welcoming and supportive place for those affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and health/legal students and professionals to talk to one another and to share information and to keep up to date with any changes in the world of CRPS.

We are very keen for people to feel like they can express themselves freely about their situations.

We understand people will have different opinions on some topics, but we ask that you would please respect other people’s views and always be polite.

Please avoid excessive use of Capital Letters in online posts.

Offensive language will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Discriminatory and offensive language or insults will be challenged and where possible, removed.

Please do not use all capital letters in your posts, they are difficult to read and many people think they are the equivalent of shouting.

Be Supportive Of Other Forum Users

The forum provides an opportunity for those affected by CRPS and health students &  professionals to support one another with practical information and support. Forum members are also able to support each other emotionally and to provide peer support to one another.

Please be supportive of everyone, whatever their situation and whatever topics of conversation they may have for the community.

Be Sensitive Towards Other People’s Feelings

Remember that people using our community forum may be going through a particularly challenging or difficult time.

Please be sensitive to the fact that people may be feeling lonely, isolated and vulnerable, and consider how your message may be perceived by someone going through a difficult situation.

If we think that a comment could be insensitive we may decide to challenge or remove it to protect people participating in the forum.

Please consider the tone of your comments and discussion – giving strong, judgmental opinions about another person’s personal circumstances and choices can be upsetting to that individual and may put them off using the forum, especially if the person is new to the forum and has not been involved in our community before.

Try to base replies on the information given, rather than make assumptions about a person’s circumstances.

Use The Forum Primarily To Give And Receive Support

Our forum is here for you to connect with others in the CRPS community, offer a break and enjoyment away from your life with CRPS or as a caregiver at our social events, support each other and signpost each other to relevant information and support.

Our own staff members and volunteers will manage and may occasionally post online in the forum to ask if you would like to get involved in other aspects of our work (e.g. volunteering or telling your CRPS story to the media) however some of the most valuable advice can often come from others affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome because YOU are the experts.

What If I Want To Talk About Things That Are Not Related To CRPS?

If you would like to post about anything online that isn’t specific to CRPS then you can post in the “Everything Else” Category of our forum.

Keeping Safe In The Forum

Never give out any of your personal details in the forum.

We will never ask you to post your personal details and if anybody asks for them please let us know by emailing or reporting the comment.

Help To Make Our Online Community Easy To Use For Other Members by Posting Online In The Right Place

The online forum is divided into Categories and Subcategories to make it easy to navigate your way to the topics of discussion you are most interested in finding.

You should always try and make your online post in the Category and/or Subcategory that is most relevant. If you’re not sure where your online post should go then put it in the “Everything Else” section.

The online moderators and staff may move posts to other sections of the forum if they think it would be more helpful for other users.

Burning Nights CRPS Support may add new Categories when we see a particular online topic of conversation is frequently taking place.

Links To/From Other Websites

You are welcome to post relevant online links (URLs) to other websites on the forum if you think this would be helpful to others within the CRPS community.

When doing this please include a short summary and a link to the relevant web page. Please do not cut and paste large sections of content from other websites onto the forum. The posting of a URL on the forum does not imply any endorsement by Burning Nights CRPS Support and we may remove URL’s from posts if we feel they are not appropriate to the overall purpose of the community.

Can I Advertise My Services Or The Services Of Others?

Commercial advertising of products or websites is not permitted on the forum and such posts will be challenged and where possible removed.

Duplicate Online Posts

Please do not make the same post in different sections of the online forum. Duplicate posts will be removed.

How Do We Moderate Our Online Community?

We have a system in place to moderate our online community and to make sure it is safe and welcoming for all.

Our forum moderators will routinely visit the forum and will check on the active topic threads.

When a user reports another users’ post this will flag up an alert to the moderators and they will review the post, making the decision to remove it if it breaches the forum guidelines.

We also check links to external sources and check any pictures uploaded.

What Happens When People Don’t Follow The Guidelines?

When a participant does not follow these forum guidelines, we may have to suspend their online account, or ask them to refrain and if necessary, leave the Forum. If someone repeatedly breaks our guidelines online, we may implement a longer online suspension or, as a last resort, a lifetime online ban. 

What To Do If You Find Offensive, Inappropriate Or Disruptive Comments

Please contact us at and we will take appropriate action as soon as we can.

You can also report an online post by clicking on the ‘report’ button. An online forum moderator will then review the post and remove it if it is deemed unsuitable.

What to do if Your Post is Moderated

As someone affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, you will have the opportunity to post comments on the Forum. You can post comments using an alternative alias to protect their identity. If you provide a comment/message and it is deemed inappropriate, Burning Nights CRPS Support may edit or delete comments. You will either be sent a Private Message or a note from the Moderator or the charity will be added to your message. If you still don't understand why you were moderated then please email us at 

You Should Not:

  • Post the same message again
  • Taunt the Moderator
  • Taunt other members of the forum for reporting you

Personal Insults

Do not directly insult other users on the forum. Personal insults do not contribute to the discussion. If someone insults you, do not insult them back or you will be given a warning. Please report the abuse instead to the Moderators.

Inciting Illegal Behaviour

Posts inciting illegal behaviour are not acceptable. This includes, but is not limited to posts discussing places to steal items, to copy or hack software, etc.

Graphics & Images

We do not allow nudity on any part of the forums.

We will delete images that are disturbing to learners, such as images of violence or death. We will also delete oversized pictures. Please keep your pictures less than 800 pixels wide.

Illegal Materials

We will check for materials that may be defamatory, infringe copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights, or are illegal for any other reason, including, but not limited to, Contempt of Court, pornography, or promoting terrorism and reserve the right to delete or amend any materials that in the Moderator’s reasonable opinion are likely to fall foul of the law.

The Final Word

The Moderator’s decision is always final.


We welcome all feedback about our forum and new website and this should be sent by email to 

Feedback about moderation of our online community should also be sent to this email address and not posted on the forum.

You can also find out how to contact us by selecting the ‘contact us’ option on our website.


Our online forum and face to face events should not be used as a channel for complaints about Burning Nights CRPS Support or its staff, trustees and volunteers. Any complaints that are posted in the open area of the online forum will be removed. If you wish to make a formal complaint then please email us at 

Please be aware that it may not be possible to monitor all feedback 24/7 and although we will aim to reply to you within 48-72 hours, this may not always be possible.

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