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Benefits and Disability

This page contains information about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as a disability, the help that can be accessed, and the benefits that could be available for someone living with CRPS. For many, CRPS is an invisible disability or invisible illness because the cannot be seen. Living with CRPS can often present a number of different practical issues and problems, from clothing to mobility aids.

Here we will cover:

  • Mobility Equipment
  • Blue Badge
  • Getting Around with a Disability
  • Guides to Help With Benefits

Mobility & Accessibility Equipment

Many people who live with chronic conditions such as CRPS, CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia or chronic pain can struggles with mobility and so might use mobility aids, such as walking sticks, crutches, canes, wheelchairs, braces. There are also accessibility aids that can be used around the home to assist with daily living.

Find out more about Mobility & Accessibility Equipment

Getting A Blue Badge

If you live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or another chronic pain condition, you may struggle with your mobility. Having a Blue Badge for your CRPS can help with parking in wider spaces and closer to your destination.

Find out more about Blue Badges and how you can get one

Getting Around With A Disability

There are various schemes available to those with a disability, for example the disabled person's railcard and the National Express Disables Coachcard. There are also concession schemes for venues like cinemas, and more.

Find out more about Getting Around With A Disability

Guides To Help With Benefits

There is guidance available to assist those who are applying for and obtaining benefits. The guides are only available to those who are UK Members of Burning Nights CRPS Support.

Find out more about benefits and how to access the guides

If you're interested in becoming a Member of Burning Nights CRPS Support, visit our Membership pages.



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