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Non-invasive – Calmare Therapy

Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment (also known as Scrambler Therapy)

"Calmare can be particularly effective for people newly diagnosed with CRPS and those who have exhausted traditional pain management options and for whom medications no longer offer sustained pain relief" explains Dr. Michael Cooney, clinical director, Calmare Therapy NJ USA.

Calmare Therapy is a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical technology that successfully combats treatment and medication-resistant chronic nerve pain, including CRPS.

Dr. Cooney was one of the first clinicians to achieve consistent success using scrambler therapy to reduce or eliminate CRPS pain and the debilitating physical symptoms which can go along with the disease: allodynia, lesions, numbness, swelling, chronic tingling, chronic burning/itching, changes in hair and nails and joint stiffness. He has treated more than 1,000 CRPS warriors from around the world since 2011.

Calmare is FDA-cleared 510(k)-cleared and European CE mark-certified.

How Does Scrambler Therapy Lessen CRPS Pain?

When someone is injured, the brain sets up a process to heal the injury. Eventually, the brain realizes the injury has healed and it stops sending the pain message. But for some people, the brain never sends that essential message saying, "there’s no more injury here, so you can stop sending the pain signal."

That’s where the scrambler device comes in. Using several small electrodes (think of a heart EKG or an ECG in the UK), which are not placed directly on the pain site, the technology sends a mild, repeated "no pain" message to the brain through the electrodes. Essentially, the scrambler machine 'overrides' the brain’s confused "pain here" message and corrects it to the "no pain here" message.

Watch patient commentaries from more than 75 people with CRPS and chronic nerve pain who have undergone successful Calmare Therapy.

"Seventy-five percent of the CRPS patients I have treated have significantly reduced–or even eliminated their neuropathic pain and physical symptoms" says Dr. Cooney, who personally performs every Calmare treatment and designs every treatment protocol.

Learn more about the science behind Calmare Therapy in this article from John Hopkins Medicine.

Learn More about How Scrambler Therapy Works Against CRPS

Dr Cooney has written a number of blogs for Burning Nights CRPS Support readers which include:




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