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Pain Management Programmes (PMPs)

Pain Management Programmes require referral from either your Pain Specialist or GP.

They can be in-house programmes (i.e. short or long stays in the Pain Clinic part of the hospital), out patient PMPs (where you go once or twice per week for a number of weeks), or there are now some found at GP's surgeries. The groups you will become part of don’ tend to be large, instead they have around 6-8 people in similar situations to yourself and may not all have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

They teach you ways of coping with your CRPS or chronic pain, try and improve your quality of life and also learn techniques for better sleep. Various Healthcare Professionals will usually be involved during your stay including, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and obviously Doctors / Pain Specialists. There are over 300 Pain Clinics around the UK, though there are not as many PMP Centres.

Ask your Pain Specialist or GP if they can refer to a PMP near you where it may help you deal with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.



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