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Individual Healthcare Plans for Schools

What is an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP)

An Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP) is used in education to detail exactly what sort of care a child needs at school if they have a medical condition. Individual healthcare plans do not have to be created for every child they’re only needed for children with complex medical needs.

Individual Health Care Plans are developed in partnership between the school, parents, pupils, and the relevant healthcare professional who can advise on a child's case. The aim is to ensure that schools know how to support your child effectively and to provide clarity about what needs to be done, when and by whom.

What is the Purpose of an IHP?

The purpose of an IHP is to help school staff support children with medical conditions, offering them the same opportunities as every other child. Plans should be kept confidential and should be reviewed at a date set by parents and school staff in charge of the child's care plan. It is recommended that plans are reviewed at least once a year, but if deemed necessary they should happen more frequently (depending on the child's specific medical needs).

What is the Process for Developing an IHP

Step 1 - Inform the school

A parent or healthcare professional informs the school that the child has been newly diagnosed, or is due to attend a new school or is due to return to school after a long-term absence, or that needs have changed.

Step 2 - Meeting to discuss the child's medical support needs

Headteacher or a senior member of school staff to whom this has been delegated co-ordinates meeting to discuss the child’s medical support needs, and identifies a member of school staff who will provide support to the pupil.

Step 3 - Agree on need for IHCP to include key parties

Meeting to discuss and agree on the need for IHCP to include key school staff, the child, parent, relevant healthcare professional and other medical/health clinician as appropriate (or to consider written evidence provided by them).

Step 4 - Develop the IHCP in partnership

Develop the IHCP in partnership - agree who leads on writing it. Input from a healthcare professional must be provided.

Step 5 - Identify school staff training needs

Step 6 - Implement IHCP and circulate to all relevant staff

Step 7 - Review IHCP annually or when condition changes

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