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CRPS Awareness Talks

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Talks

As a charity, we believe it is extremely important for all healthcare and legal professionals, as well as student healthcare, to be aware of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) so that you can fully support patients living with the condition.

To support health professionals within the NHS and private sector, we provide in-service awareness talks to all NHS teams across the United Kingdom with the aim of giving you the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with people with the CRPS.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome affects 1 in 3,800 people within the UK and proportionately affects more women that men (3.4-1). CRPS has a range of symptoms that can affect patients in different ways. Understanding those symptoms and how the condition can impact a person is important.

Awareness Talk Aims

After attending one of our CRPS awareness talks, you should:

  • Have a basic understanding of what CRPS is, the various symptoms patients might experience, and how it is diagnosed and treated
  • Know how to recognise CRPS and what you need to do to get someone diagnosed
  • Understand how CRPS can affect a person both physically and mentally


Burning Nights CRPS Support believes that it is crucial that all healthcare professionals have a general understanding of CRPS, how it is diagnosed, treated and to be able to identify a patient with the condition.

Ultimately, it is our aim that when students join any branch of the healthcare profession, they are at least aware of or understand CRPS and eventually diagnoses will become quicker. Therefore, treatment will be available faster, hopefully culminating in a patient progressing into ‘remission’ or lesser and more manageable pain.

Why Are These Talks Important?

On average, student medics receive around 6 hours of training on persistent pain. Physiotherapists receive the most training on chronic pain at around 9 hours.

The topic of chronic pain, and more specifically CRPS, needs more awareness brought to the curriculum of all student healthcare professionals, as well as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In a research study in 2015 (Briggs, E.V. et al), it was found that:

“Dedicated pain modules were most common in France (27/31 schools; 87%). Excluding France, only 22% (47/211 schools) provided a dedicated pain module and in only 9% (18/211) was this compulsory…”

Who Delivers The Talks?

Usually, our founder, Victoria, will deliver the CRPS awareness talks. However, we have other volunteers and trustees who are available and can deliver the talks.

The founder of Burning Nights CRPS Support is not just a CRPS patient, but a trained barrister who is used to research and public speaking. Victoria is passionate about and fully committed to the subject of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and all areas relating to it and wants to be able to pass on the knowledge that she has gained since 2004 to the medical profession as a whole and the legal fraternity.

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Who Will Benefit?

The following people would benefit from our CRPS awareness talks:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Student healthcare
  • Legal professionals
  • Student lawyers
  • Schools – who have students with CRPS
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Do You Provide Other Talks?

Yes - we are available to offer talks on various topics other than CRPS, including:

  • About the Charity and its work
  • Our Founder, talking about her life with CRPS and being a bilateral amputee
  • Amputation due to CRPS
  • Chronic Pain
  • Disability
  • Disability awareness training

Is There A Cost?

Currently, the in-service CRPS awareness sessions are free of charge to the NHS and to schools. However, we ask for a small donation for private companies and private clinics to cover costs as we are a Charity.

What Does The Talk Involve?

A talk tends to be approximately one hour in length, plus time for questions. However, each talk is bespoke to you and your team's needs, so timings can be altered to suit you. It should be noted that talks cannot be less than 45 minutes and we therefore advise that you set aside at least one hour for the full duration.

Talks are delivered using PowerPoint. We will usually have our own equipment including laptop, screen and projector, but we are also happy to use your equipment.

A full list of all resources and citations used for the information provided during the talk will be provided, as well as a CRPS diagnostic form and leaflets and posters for your clinic.

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Previous CRPS Talks and What People Say About Them

Here is a short 10 minute video of our founder, Victoria, giving a presentation on her life with severe Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) during the 2016 Naidex disability show.

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Burning Nights CRPS Support was invited to speak to a group of Occupational Therapists at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, as they are receiving more CRPS referrals. We gave a 2 hour presentation to the group complete with handouts, PowerPoint and symptoms & signs handout. It was a great experience for the OTs and they felt that they learned a lot from it. In their feedback, in answer to the question on recommendation they said:

"Yes definitely to both healthcare professionals and patients."

Seminars and Media - North Manchester General Hospital CRPS awareness session

North Manchester General Hospital

We were invited to North Manchester General hospital to talk to a group of physiotherapists in May 2016. It was a very probing presentation and we were able to answer many questions on various areas of our presentation, especially on the topic of ice and CRPS.

Royal Oldham Hospital

This CRPS awareness training session was for a mixture of physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. It took place in June 2016 and in their feedback, one person said:

“I’ve been on numerous training and management courses and this one kept me gripped for the whole hour, thank you!”

Other comments from the OTs and Physiotherapists who attended the CRPS awareness session at the Royal Oldham Hospital included:

"I would definitely recommend the CRPS awareness training session! It went over training I had 10 years ago...and gave more updates and raised awareness. I really enjoyed it - made me reflect on my experiences and has given me an idea of where to go if I spot the symptoms on a patient."

"YES! I'd definitely recommend this session to others. I found the presentation very helpful! Presenters' knowledge and experience - excellent!"

"The CRPS awareness session was well presented, good materials shown. Personal experience added appropriate extra emphasis."

"Informal but very well presented and knowledgeable!"

"Very informative!"

Royal Oldham Hospital
9 June 2017


Bolshaw Primary School

We are available to speak at schools, colleges and universities to explain about CRPS and how it can affect children and young people throughout the course of their education.

Manchester Neuropathy Centre

This CRPS awareness training session was for a group of neuro-physiotherapists who wanted to learn more about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as they were receiving more CRPS patients in their practice.

CRPS Awareness Training Session

"I would definitely recommend the CRPS awareness training session to others. It gives a good insight into a complex condition. Victoria gave a really good presentation, expertly delivered - Thank You!"

CRPS awareness training session given 8 November 2016
Manchester Neuropathy Centre
Clinical Director
CRPS awareness training session
9 June 2017

Seminars | CRPS awareness training sessions | Manchester

 Seminars | CRPS awareness training sessions | Manchester

 Seminars | CRPS training | Burning Nights CRPS Support


Amersham Hospital 

This was a CRPS awareness session for a group of Occupational Therapists (OTs) and physiotherapists in April 2017. It covered an overview of the condition, signs and symptoms, and available treatment options. We also included a small section on how to spot a possible CRPS patient and also how to deal with a CRPS patient.

Interactive CRPS Session (Primary Care and Public Health Exhibition May 2017)

This was a brief 15 minute interactive session on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome where we gave a small amount of information on the basics of CRPS and the main time was given to going over various photographs of limbs and extremities for the audience to decide if it was a CRPS diagnosis or not. This short session was extremely well attended and well received by the whole audience.

Enable Therapy Services

In June 2017, we gave a talk to Enable Therapy Services, a group of Occupational Therapists who provide various services to “promote the use of rehabilitation and early intervention". Our founder, Victoria, gave a 1 hour informal session on CRPS awareness including pathophysiology, treatment options, diagnosis and how to look out for a CRPS patient.

“We first met Victoria at the OT Show 2016 whilst she was promoting CRPS Awareness with Burning Nights CRPS Support and soon started chatting about the work to increase CRPS awareness.  Victoria is a terrific advocate and passionate about early identification of CRPS, she is taking every opportunity to get the message to the masses.

Enable Therapy Services invited Victoria and Michael to a learning session, her relaxed presentation style to  share her knowledge was well received by the OTs.  Burning Nights were able to provide lots of promotional materials to remind the OTs of the signs to consider with clients to assist with earlier identification of CRPS.

We enjoyed Victoria’s visit and look forward to seeing her again at the OT Show 2017.”

Enable Therapy Services
Clinical Operations Manager /
Leeds / CRPS awareness sessions
9 June 2017

CRPS Awareness Session – OTs – Enable Therapy Services – Occupational Therapists

Oxfordshire MSK Physiotherapy Service

We were invited to give an 1 1/2 hour overview session on CRPS to a group of approximately 25-30 MSK physiotherapists in September 2017. This session included information about the condition in general, epidemiology, pathophysiology, treatment, how to deal with a CRPS patient as well as diagnosis, prognosis and future possible treatment options.

Feedback from Oxfordshire MSK Physios who attended the CRPS Awareness Session:

"Excellent knowledge and very informative - should be seen by all primary care practitioners"

"Would DEFINITELY recommend the session! It was a very interesting and informative talk especially as it's presented by a patient from a patient's perspective - Thank You!!!"

"I would definitely recommend the CRPS awareness session to other professionals. It was very enlightening."

"I'd love ALL physio departments to hear this presentation. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend it!

September 2017
Oxfordshire MSK Physio Service
11 January 2018

CRPS Awareness session via Burning Nights CRPS Support | Oxfordshire MSK Physios


Liverpool Wheelchair Services

We spoke with a great team of Occupational Therapists at Liverpool Wheelchair Services. Our CRPS awareness session was bespoke to the group as they are dealing with CRPS patients in terms of getting a wheelchair from the NHS and wheelchair services.

Fantastic training session last week by Victoria @BNightsCRPS thank you so much for coming up and giving us all things to think about when looking at wheelchair provision for someone with CRPS. It was great! Really gave us food for thought

Tissue Viability Society Conference April 2018

Our founder Victoria was invited to speak at the Tissue Viability Society (TVS) conference in Newcastle in April 2018. Victoria spoke about the various skin complications within Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and how it can affect patients.

The presentation was very well received by everyone who attended and it generated a genuine interest in the topic as well as a number of questions. Watch the 30 minute video of Victoria’s speech on Skin Complications within Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS):

Watch On YouTube

Hereford Podiatry Training Day, June 2018

In June 2018 we were invited to be one of the speakers at the Hereford Podiatry training day which they hold regularly. This was the first opportunity we had of speaking to a group of podiatrists and in addition to the general overview of CRPS that we usually do we included a section on ‘What Podiatrists Need To Know’ which gave some helpful hints and tips on what patients may have issues with in terms of their feet and how these obstacles can be overcome.

“I’d definitely recommend this session!!! Thank you so much for coming and I’ve learnt so much today – thanks!”

“Enlightening and informative presentation”

Rotherham NHS Trust, September 2018

We were delighted to be invited to speak to a large group of physiotherapists with the addition of one OT in September 2018. This was an overview of CRPS, epidemiology, pathophysiology, CRPS treatment pathway and future treatments.

“Definitely recommended – I’d recommend this training for all the multi-disciplinary team that should be involved so they can recognise it (CRPS)”

“Yes I’d recommend the session to others, it’s useful to clarify what am already doing and has improved my awareness – thanks!”

“CRPS Awareness session was extremely informative and very thorough. I’d DEFINITELY recommend it!”

“This session should be incorporated into undergraduate training. Thank you for your time – it was very informative”

Nice to have a caseload based presentation with an extensive knowledge”

West Sussex Independent Living Service

This was a small group of OTs who were interested in learning more about CRPS in both adults and children. This session was a general overview of CRPS using patient examples and images as well as research to back up the points. This CRPS awareness session was in September 2018.

SOCAP Birmingham, Bournville

We were invited to give a CRPS awareness session for the SOCAP Birmingham branch meeting in October 2018. This was an overview of CRPS along with the treatment pathway, future treatments, the condition itself as well as information and tips on what podiatrists need to know, how to suspect CRPS and how to deal with CRPS patients. This session was very well received and the podiatrists who came found the session “very enlightening and informative”.


Inspirational Speeches by our founder, Victoria and her life with CRPS

Burning Nights CRPS Support’s founder, Victoria has spoken about her life as a CRPS sufferer and being a bilateral amputee, as well as about the condition itself at a number of events, including:

  • Naidex 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Cambridge Medico-Legal Conference – September 2016
  • Unite Professional Occupational Therapy Healthcare – October 2016
  • Manchester College – April 2017
  • IASP SIG CRPS Annual Conference in Cork, Ireland – August 2017
  • Manchester College – December 2017
  • Manchester College – Human Library for Hate Crime Awareness Week – February 2018

Interested in booking a speaker?

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