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There are various self-management techniques and alternative therapies available to help you to cope and manage your CRPS and persistenet or chronic pain that don't involve medication. To learn more, read on...

Alternative Therapies for CRPS and Chronic pain

As explored in our article on breathing exercises, Burning Nights CRPS Support have begun a series of guides to alternative therapies for CRPS and chronic pain to help those who live with the condition to cope with life and the pain.

Series of Guides to Alternative Therapies for CRPS and Persistent Pain – Burning Nights CRPS Support

We have covered a number of alternative therapies for CRPS and chronic pain within this series. You can explore each in more detail by selecting it from the list below.

If there are any alternative therapies not covered that you would like us to look into, please get in touch by email or reach out to us through social media.

*Alternative therapies for CRPS or persistent pain are not meant to replace your medication regime. They are an addition that could maybe help you cope during a pain flare up. Always ask your doctorbefore starting anything new, whether it is alternative therapies or something else.*



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