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A Phenomenological Exploration of Identity Development in Adolescents with Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain, CRPS, Online, Psychology, Relationships, Young People

Chronic pain has an impact on several areas of an adolescent's life, including physical, social, emotional and psychological. Although identity development is crucial for one's wellbeing and is considered a key feature of the period of adolescence, it remains an under-researched area for adolescents who have chronic pain.

The researchers are interested in understanding how young people make sense of their identity. This can include the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself, the groups you belong to, and your role in different relationships (e.g. friendship). Participants will be aged 14-18 years and have been diagnosed with chronic pain.

This study will be using a qualitative, phenomenological approach, as it aims to highlight the unique perspectives adolescents have regarding their identity. The research team will be conducting online semi-structured interviews and analysing the data using interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). For this purpose, they are looking for adolescents between the ages of 14-18 years old to participate in the research.

If you can spare some time to participate in this research study, you will be invited to an interview with researcher Gauri Joshi, which should take around 60 minutes to complete.

Interested in taking part? Click here to contact the researcher

Who is conducting the study?

Researcer: Miss Gauri Joshi (
Supervisors: Dr. Hannah Sela and Prof. Rachel Tribe
Institution: School of Psychology, University of East London



If you would like to take part or if you have any questions, you or your parent/guardian can contact the research team by email: (Gauri Joshi)

Closing date: February 2024


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