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Examining the role of parental responses on the coping strategies used by children with Chronic Pain

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Adult Participants, Chronic Pain, CRPS, Lower Limb CRPS, Online, Psychology, Relationships, Upper Limb CRPS, Young People

This study aims to examine the relationship between parental responses, pain catastrophizing and the coping strategies used by the child with chronic pain. The findings from this study will add to the limited literature on childhood chronic pain coping from the perspectives of both parents and children. Previous studies examining the impact of parental responses on children’s pain coping have focused mainly on protective or solicitous responses and gathered responses primarily from mothers alone. The study would like to gather responses from both parents/carers and the child struggling with chronic pain. This study will aim to gather a general overview of the different responses used by parents/carers in the UK in their child’s pain management.

Who are we looking for?

We are recruiting Parents/carers & their Children aged 8-17 years old to participate in the online research study, the child must be the pain patient. We are hoping that the findings of the study will inform clinical practice in terms of how clinicians formulate children’s coping with chronic pain as well as provide additional understanding of the mechanisms that promote positive coping and management styles for children with chronic pain and their parents.

What does it involve?

Parents/carers AND Child aged between ages 8 -17 years old complete 3 online surveys separately. The surveys will ask about parent responses to pain symptoms, ways children cope with pain and also assess the extent to which people catastrophise about pain. All families who complete the study will be provided with a £5 Amazon voucher! Participation is Voluntary and Online consent will be sought before questionnaire completion. Participants have the right to refuse to participate without giving reasons and this will be respected.

Who is conducting the study?

Researchers: Cynthia Ebere-Anaba, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Dr Leonardo De Pascalis, Dr Sally Bell & Dr Jacqueline Nicholson

Research centre: University of Liverpool & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

What will happen to the results of the study?

The results will be analysed and written up as part of a Doctorate in clinical psychology training programme. Once analysed, data will be used for the write-up of the research and disseminated as appropriate. This will include findings being disseminated to a range of audiences (e.g. academics, clinicians, the public), through journal articles, presentations, talks and other relevant articles, as appropriate. Any quotations used will be anonymised and you will not be identifiable in any publications. You can request a summary of the research findings on completion of the research project.


If you would like to take part, email Cynthia at: Or, parents can follow this link: or scan the QR code to complete the study.

Please leave your email address in the box at the end of the survey so your child’s survey can be sent to you for study completion. The researcher is able to provide telephone support to both parents and child while completing the survey and information on how to do this will be in the information sheets sent by email.

Closing date

This study closes on 30th July 2023.

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