Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Donate When Dining Out or Staying In A Hotel

ChariTable Bookings 

ChariTable Bookings is a fantastic way of helping us raise money when you go out for a meal! You must book online using the ChariTable bookings website or download and use their app (downloadable on Apple / Google Play / Windows) and in return we as a charity receive £1 per diner. There’s a choice of over 8,500 restaurants registered from around the UK. However there is an option for you to suggest restaurants if your local restaurant isn’t listed.

Burning Nights CRPS Support on Charitable bookings 4-simple-steps
Burning Nights CRPS Support on Charitable bookings 4-simple-steps

You can now also book your hotel room via ChariTable Bookings. For every honoured hotel booking made online via the ChariTable Bookings app from a list of over 250,000 hotels across the world for you or on behalf of someone else, £1 will be donated by ChariTable Bookings for every guest for every night. It’s that simple!

Here’s the website you need to go to to sign up for FREE and start collecting those FREE donations from ChariTable just by your booking restaurant meal online or booking your hotel:


Love cooking at home?

ChariTable Bookings Signature Recipe Book | Support Burning Nights CRPS Support when you purchase one of these recipe books

Enjoy watching Albert Roux, Marcus Wareing, John Williams, Brian Turner, Richard Corrigan and other great chefs cook on the TV? Well this great recipe book will be perfect for you or as a gift for a foodie! The ChariTable Bookings Signature Dish book has 365 leading UK chefs’ recipes and for every one sold £5 is donated to Burning Nights CRPS Support!


We Need Your Support

Please help us provide counselling to people affected by CRPS. Our help, services and advice are only possible thanks to donations from people like you. If you can, please donate now.