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CRPS in Children and Teens (Downloadable)

The Burning Nights CRPS in Children & Teenagers Information Leaflet is a useful resource for parents, guardians and others who may know children and young people living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). The leaflet includes a concise explanation of different aspects of this chronic condition, relevant to younger patients – what CRPS is, the treatments available, signs and symptoms, and more.

It can be helpful in learning more about the condition and how it impacts the life of children and teenagers and can also help to raise awareness, including amongst healthcare professionals, those in the teaching profession, or legal professionals who deal with paediatric CRPS. Whilst in an ideal world, those in healthcare would have at least a basic awareness of the condition, we know that this isn’t always the case. You can take the leaflet with you to appointments (check-ups, tests, scans, physiotherapy, when your child visits the dentist) so that if you have the information to hand just in case if you need it.

Please help us to be able to continue to offer free information resources, like this downloadable leaflet, by making a small donation.

The leaflet can also be purchased as a printed version. You can purchase a set of leaflets to share with those who know your child, but might not be familiar with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), so that they can find out more about what it means and how they can support your family. The Burning Nights CRPS in Children & Teenagers Information Leaflet can be purchased as a single unit or in multiples of 5 up to 20.

If you are currently a working healthcare professional and you would like to purchase more than 20 CRPS in Children & Teenagers Information Leaflets for your health centre, GP surgery, doctors’ room or clinic, please contact us.

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