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CRPS Awareness Month 2021


1 November @ 08:00 30 November @ 23:30 GMT

CRPS awareness month has been going on around the world for over 22 years, to try and raise awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formerly Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.

Orange background with the text We stand for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - help us fight
We stand for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The more people including the general public, medical/healthcare and legal professionals are made aware of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, will help all those living with the chronic condition to get diagnoses quicker and treatment started sooner.

If we as a CRPS charity can help just 1 (one) person affected by this chronic condition or make 1 person aware of the effects of CRPS then we have made a difference. So how can YOU help us to raise awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

How You Can Help Raise Awareness of CRPS During CRPS Awareness Month

Here are some general ideas of how you can help raise awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) during CRPS awareness month 2021:

  • Talk to your local MP about the condition and how it affects you and about Burning Nights CRPS Support charity. Contact your MP and let them know about our Campaign to Raise Awareness of CRPS in Westminster. Visit our CRPS campaign in Westminster article on this which includes a free template letter which you can just add your brief story and send it to your local MP.
  • Speak to your local Town Hall or Library and ask them to light their building orange as Manchester Town Hall did last 4 years and Blackpool Tower have done
  • Talk to your local Doctors’ surgery or pain clinic about putting some of our CRPS awareness leaflets or A4 posters in their waiting rooms, to try and reach out to anyone who may be affected by Complex Regional Pain. Contact us if your surgery would like to include them in their waiting room or ask the Practice Manager to contact us
  • Ask your local school/college to give a brief speech to their pupils to give them an idea of what CRPS is, the symptoms and how it affects you
  • Provide a brief article for your local newspaper
  • Ask to give an interview on your local radio station
  • Share your CRPS story with us
  • Hold a coffee morning
  • Make a donation via our donation page
  • Hold a fundraiser – See our fundraising page for ideas. We can support your fundraiser by sending you A4 posters for your event, A5 flyers & t-shirts are available
  • Ask your friends and family to post on social media about you and your CRPS story or share our website
  • Check out our CRPS Awareness Month page!
  • Donate £5 by Text – Text ORANGE to 70500 to give £5 to Burning Nights CRPS Support. Texts cost donation plus 1 message at your standard network rate. 100% goes to the charity. Always ask the bill payers permission.
  • Donate £3 per month by Text – You can also pay a regular £3 per month – Text STRENGTH to 70300 to donate £3 per month. 100% to Burning Nights CRPS Support. Ts and Cs apply


Healthcare and Legal Professionals and Students During CRPS Awareness Month

For health and legal professionals as well as student healthcare professionals we provide Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) awareness and information sessions which are currently free to those in the NHS (within 2 hour radius of the charity’s location. Over 2 hours we ask for a £50 donation towards the cost of the expenses)

These sessions are individual and bespoke information and awareness and are usually from 1 hour in length up to half day events. Please contact Victoria Abbott-Fleming the charity’s Founder and Chair who provides these CRPS awareness sessions.

We can also send your department, clinic or company with CRPS information leaflets for both patients and professionals alike as well as an A4 poster advertising the charity and its frontline services. Please contact us if you’d like us to send you a small supply.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

We can also provide CRPS information sessions to any schools, colleges and universities who may have students who live with CRPS. The schools and colleges session gives you an idea about the condition as well as practical tips and advice on dealing with a student with CRPS. Please email our founder Victoria who provides these sessions not only during CRPS awareness month 2021 but all year round.


Learn More About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

You can learn more about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) via pages within our website, such as:







You can also find more information and support about living with CRPS in our blog area. Here we have a couple of blog series:

Alternative Therapy for CRPS and Persistent Pain

Psychological Treatments for CRPS and Persistent Pain

As well as our CRPS Pain DiaryCoping with CRPS/RSDAcceptance of CRPS/RSDDorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulation treatment for CRPSAmputation for CRPS and other blogs on various topics on life with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.


Help us raise awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) during CRPS Awareness Month 2019
Help us raise awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) during CRPS Awareness Month 2019

What’s Going On During CRPS Awareness Month 2021?

We have our 7th Annual National CRPS Conference on Sunday 21st November 2021 which should be fantastic! We also have a couple of fundraising events and landmarks that are supporting us by changing their lights to orange. We also have our silent auction as well! See below for more information.

Silent Auction

For 2021 we have a very special auction prize! We are holding a silent auction in aid of Burning Nights CRPS Support from 1st November 2021 up to 20th November 2021.

We have just 1 amazing prize up for auction – a framed signed cap, signed by Formula 1 McLaren team 2021 – Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Within the frame there is the signed cap along with 2 images of the two drivers.

There is a reserve amount of £300. If you are a Formula 1 fan, why not make a bid for this very special prize and help Burning Nights CRPS Support raise valuable funds.

Burning Nights Silent Auction 2021 - a framed signed cap by 2021 Formula 1 team McLaren. All monet raised goes towards providing support to people with CRPS and their loved ones. All you have to do is email your bid and contact details to fundraise@burningnightscrps.org
Burning Nights Silent Auction 2021

How To Make A Bid

To make a bid for this fantastic prize, please send you bid in UK pounds (£) together with your fill contact details to fundraise@burningnightscrps.org In the subject line please include Auction 2021.

We are inviting you to bid from worldwide. If you are unsure whether you are able to bid please contact us and type in the subject line – Auction 2021.

Photos from CRPS Awareness Months Over the Years

Here are some images of Manchester Town Hall and Blackpool Tower who have supported CRPS awareness month in the last 4 years:

Making people aware about CRPS is the key to getting the condition properly recognised across the world. It could help ensure that sufferers are correctly diagnosed and treated when they visit their GP’s, doctors and hospitals.

There are so many ways that you can try and get the message across to people about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome during CRPS awareness month this November 2021.

So why not let us know what you’re up to help raise awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome month?! What are YOU doing to help during CRPS awareness month 2021?!

Don’t forget to share your photos of any of the landmarks and buildings who change their lights to orange with us here on our website or on social media (remember to tag us into your posts or tweets!).

Written: 09/10/2018

Last Updated: 15/10/2021

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