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How To Manage A CRPS Flare Up

Following on from our article - 5 Common Myths of CRPS Flare Ups - this article is to support you and help you cope with your flare ups.

Learning to self manage your chronic condition in general is important, as is learning to try and cope with your CRPS flare ups. Following your pain management treatments such as medication as per your Doctor is important.

However learning your own self management techniques is just as important so you can combine your self management techniques along with your treatment regime. Learning self management can include:

When you're not in a flare up it's important to make a plan of what you can do during a flare up and how you could manage it.

How to manage a CRPS flare up

Flare Kits

One way to help you manage your CRPS Flare Ups is to have your own Flare Kit handy. The flare kits or toolbox is yours to create. We can make suggestions (See below) of what to include in your CRPS flare kit but ultimately it’s yours to design.

When in the middle of a CRPS flare up or in fact any chronic pain or chronic illness flare up, you will most likely be either bed ridden or sitting/lying somewhere comfortable. As we’ve mentioned above, CRPS flare ups are not just physical. They also include emotional elements as well.

What Is A CRPS Flare Kit?

A CRPS flare kit is a box of items that are important and helpful to you to try and control your CRPS flare ups. They are not a bad thing to have prepared, in fact it is the contrary as you are actively thinking about ways to control or try to manage any flare ups you may have.

You can keep your flare kit in any type of container. It does depend on what you plan on putting in it as to the size of the flare kit container.

What Does A Flare Kit Contain?

As we’ve mentioned above, the CRPS Flare Kits are for you to design and they can include what you want or need to have near you during your flare up. These are just some suggestions to help get you started on your own Flare Kit:

  • Your Favourite films
  • Your Favourite music
  • Favourite PJ’s or your favourite clothes for lounging around
  • Fluffy socks
  • Extra Medication according to your treatment regime as per your Doctor
  • Your Pain diary
  • Heat pad or hot water bottle
  • Soft blanket OR weighted blanket
  • Pillows or your favourite comfy pillow
  • Your technology! Phone, Tablet, Kindle etc Plus the chargers (you never know!)
  • Good book (either ebook or print version)
  • Chocolate, sweets or your favourite treat
  • Colouring books, crotchet or knitting
  • Stuffed toys (cuddly toys)
  • Photo album of your favourite pics with your best memories OR your favourite picture
  • Scrapbook
  • Tissues - in case of any tears
  • Essential oils OR candles
  • Wet wipes OR facial wipes
  • Make sure your pet is also nearby!


Flare kit


Things To Remember

When you're in a flare up it can be very easy to forget things that you have planned or you have previously done to self manage your flare. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Flare ups are only temporary - They may seem to last forever but your flare up will end and it is only temporary.
  • Reduce your schedule to incorporate rest - Flare ups do require you to rest and relax not just your body but your mind as well. But don't stop moving altogether! That is why it's important to try mindfulness techniques, grounding techniques or other self management methods you find helpful.
  • Remember your basic self care needs such as food and water - Just because you're in a flare up doesn't mean you should stop eating or drinking water. Keep yourself hydrated and eat small meals throughout the day.
  • Gratitude - When you're feeling low in a flare or even on days when you're not flaring up, it can be helpful to write a list of 5 things you're grateful for.

Final Words

As you have read in this article CRPS Flare ups are a part of living with this chronic pain condition. They won’t go away. However with time and skills you may be able to deal with them and to also accept this fact that CRPS flare ups are with you just as your condition is. Acceptance is a big part of living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, just like CRPS flare ups.

Hopefully your understanding has improved of the term Flare Up and the 5 myths of CRPS flare ups. How do you deal with your CRPS flare ups? Tell us by contacting us or share on social media.

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