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How To Manage Your Money

Managing your money can be quite daunting whether you have a small amount of income every month or a large investment portfolio.

CRPS can be made even more of a challenge for sufferers and their loved ones and carers without sufficient financial support and relevant financial planning. Taking control of your finances can massively help in giving you the ability to maintain the lifestyle you want along with ensuring that any potential threats that may stop you achieving this are identified and where possible protected against.

We have asked Ingham Graham Wealth Management Ltd who are a Partner Practice of St. James Place Wealth Management to be our Financial Advice Partner. This gives us access to a team of highly qualified professionals who can provide information on the general principles of taking Financial Advice along with much more complex advice if this is required.

Ingham Graham Wealth Management – Partner Practice of St. James’ Place

In order to support our charity’s members we are delighted that Rick Ingham and Paul Graham Directors of Ingham Graham Wealth Management will be speaking at our 2nd Annual Meet & Greet conference event on Saturday 10th September 2016.

This blog ‘How to Manage Your Money’ is intended to introduce some of the topics Rick and Paul will cover at the conference and assist you with any questions you may have.

Session 1 – Financial Planning Basics

We all tick along from day to day, sometimes without thinking about what we want our money to do for us, either now or in the future. One thing is for certain having a financial plan helps you take control of your future!

Have you ever thought about splitting your finances up in to 3 areas; We like to think of these as Larder, Fridge & Freezer. Sounds crazy? Let us explain!

LARDER – The Larder is for day to day spending – do you have a budget? Do you know what your outgoings are? Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled to? Do you have some money left at the end of the month for the fridge or freezer?

FRIDGE – The Fridge is your rainy day cash, or money put aside for emergencies/planned spending in the next 5 years, holidays changing the car etc.

FREEZER – The Freezer part are your investments, what are your aspirations for the future? How do you want it to look? What do you want to be able to do?

We will go into more detail at the conference – In the meantime, have you thought what your financial plan looks like?

How to manage your money – Financial Advisers and advice

Session 2 – Why take financial advice? And how can it help you?

Choosing a financial adviser might seem daunting but if you need help with a financial decision it’s worth persevering and don’t bury your head in the sand. A good adviser can save you money and a lot of worry, ‘Money Advice Service.’

At the conference we will explore how a good financial advisor/planner will help you, we will also go through the different stages that may be involved when taking Financial advice. And give you some questions that you could ask when you are selecting a financial advisor.

We hope that this session will give you plenty of practical tips on how you would go about taking Financial Advice either now or in the future.

How To Manage Your Money – Financial News

Session 3 – Things to consider – latest news

We would like to spend a little time during the final part of our session bringing to light some areas that we feel may be potentially beneficial to you. These may be widely known by many of you, but if we can help any of our members by providing some valuable information that is relevant to their circumstances that they were previously unaware of, we will be delighted to have helped.

We will cover the following; help to buy ISA’s, accessing your pension early, protecting the carer and personal injury trusts.

We will be delighted to answer any financial questions either during our session or throughout the day of the conference. Should you wish to discuss anything don’t hesitate to call us on Tel: 01457 864157 | Mobile: 07714 827 210 | Or visit


The Partner Practice represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website The ‘St. James’s Place Partnership’ and the titles ‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Practice’ are marketing terms used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

Thank You Rick and Paul from Ingham Graham Wealth Management (IGWM) for agreeing to assist our charity’s members and followers with financial advice. Please do feel free to get in touch with IGWM before and after the conference if you would like to discuss any financial matters.

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