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Top 6 chronic pain apps Infographic | Burning Nights CRPS Support Top 6 Chronic Pain Apps Infographic

We are always told that our health is the most important thing in life, more so than money or any of the objects and material possessions that we desire. It could be that when we are young we take this statement for granted, or disregard it as a throw away comment. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a personal injury, or the ill health of someone close to you to fully understand the truth behind this statement.

Our top 6 chronic pain apps infographic helps you as a chronic pain or chronic illness sufferer find the best apps to help you manage and cope with your chronic condition. These chronic pain apps and rehabilitation apps show you various apps for persistent pain self-management, injury rehabilitation and memory impairment.

As a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) charity, we believe that managing your chronic condition well is an important part of living with your long term condition; CRPS. Technology now plays an important role in rehabilitation and chronic pain management. This is where chronic pain apps play a crucial role. Hospitals, GP surgeries and physiotherapists all use technology to identify problems and navigate the road to recovery.


In recent years there has been a big increase in chronic pain and rehabilitation apps which allow pain sufferers, and those rehabilitating from injury, to work on their persistent pain at home. By consulting with your doctor regarding the use of the chronic pain app, an effective strategy can be established on the best way to manage pain from the comfort of your own home.

Chronic pain apps as well as rehabilitation apps can contain detailed anatomical diagrams that help you better understand your persistent pain and the areas you need to target to try and make a successful recovery or to make your life a little more comfortable with less pain. Other chronic pain apps or rehabilitation apps that are available allow you to document your persistent pain and exercises, and this data can then be integrated with the doctor’s data.

If you do download any chronic pain apps or rehabilitation apps, you must be used under strict medical supervision. If you don’t want to use any technological apps then why not take a look at the Burning Nights CRPS Support Pain Diary for CRPS where you can download and print off or store on your computer?

Or why not have a look at buying one of our 2 USBs which have a medical information form already pre-loaded onto each of the USBs. These medical information forms give you the opportunity to complete in as much detail as you want, everything about your medical history ie. your contact details, your doctor’s details, medical conditions, allergies, blood type, any implant information, medical list, any operations you may have had, treatments you have tried etc. Burning Nights CRPS Support has 2 USBs – one USB for people that mainly only live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and the other is a dog tag USB which is aimed at people with many long term conditions. After completing the medical information forms on the USBs you can then keep it with you or/and print off the form and take it with you especially if you go into hospital.

Whichever you decide to choose, whether you download one of the many chronic pain apps that are available on your phones, tablets or computers, or whether you look at printing off the Burning Nights CRPS Support pain diary for CRPS and chronic pain, or whether you purchase one of our 2 chronic illness or CRPS USBs with the pre-loaded medical information form, any of these can help you self-manage your long term chronic condition.

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