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The Clinical Director and Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment Certified Provider NJ; Dr. M. Cooney has agreed to take out some time to answer your questions about CALMARE THERAPY for CRPS/RSD. This will be a great opportunity to learn and understand about Calmare Pain Therapy from the Clinical Director himself.


CALMARE PAIN THERAPY TREATMENT (R) is considered a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment used for chronic pain sufferers and since 2011 used for CRPS/RSD sufferers. According to Dr. M. Cooney , the Clinical Director and Calmare NJ Certified Provider he explained that it wasn’t an intentional focus on his part to treat CRPS/RSD sufferers, however he found that Calmare is very useful in treating several types of chronic pain including CRPS/RSD. Patients go and have Calmare Pain Therapy treatment from as far away as Australia and South Africa.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options

You can also find a little more information about Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment as it has been included in the Burning Nights website in the TREATMENTS section.

Later on this month within a blog on the Burning Nights CRPS Support website, there will be YOUR questions and the answers written by Dr Cooney. So, now is the time to ask Dr Cooney the questions you would like to know about Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment for chronic pain and CRPS/RSD that you would otherwise not get the chance to ask. Some people are asking about:

  • Insurance costs
  • Success rates
  • How it works
  • How it helps


Whatever you need to hear about, learn and understand from Dr Cooney concerning Calmare Pain Therapy treatment for CRPS/RSD and chronic pain, now is your time to do this! 

I do hope that you will take this fantastic opportunity to learn more about Calmare Therapy for CRPS/RSD and chronic pain from a specialist Doctor providing this treatment. Please write your questions as a comment to this post, or on the Calmare Therapy posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Hope you’ll all get involved!

Written/Updated: 02/04/2015


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About the Author
I'm a barrister, advocate & sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). I am also a bilateral (double) above knee amputee due to aggressive symptoms of CRPS. However I want to help all those affected by this devastating condition which includes those living with CRPS, their loved ones, families, carers and friends. Please help spread awareness of this debilitating and life-changing condition - CRPS. We need your support!
  1. Irene Bull Reply

    Yes I think it is a very good opportunity for people to get involved and learn more about Calmare Therapy it does sound very good indeed. Dr Cooney has treated all types of chronic pain including CRPS/RSD all over the world. Please if you want to know more of have any questions please do so.

  2. Irene Bull Reply

    I would like to ask Dr Cooney at Calmare Therapy Is it possible to give me the numbers or percentage of success for his treatment of patients with CRPS/RSD. Thank you

  3. Oscar Lonzo Reply

    The calmare is NOTHING but a TENS device — not even a very good one — accompanied by outrageous claims about “scrambling” nerve signals, etc, ALL of which are nonsense. Ask ANY available neuroscientist about the various claims and they will tell you those claims are ALL physiologically IMPOSSIBLE.

    It’s also accompanied by an outrageous price tag that is NOT covered by ANY health insurance company in the country. A company called “Calmare Therapeutics” trades in the “pink sheets” has been promoting and selling the device for eight YEARS now, and has hardly been able to GIVE the things away and is now near bankrupt as can be seen from a review of its SEC filings.

    Anyone interested in trying the therapy is STRONGLY recommended to discuss it with their family MD before spending a DIME on it.

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