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When you have someone close to you who suffer from a chronic illness/condition whether it is CRPS or not, or chronic pain, you all need support. That means support for sufferers, carers, families, loved ones and of course friends not just for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. The following pages deal with where, how and who you can gain support from.


The internet is a brilliant source of advice and information however you can get ‘bogged’ down with all the information available, which is why here Burning Nights has provided a list of places and people to speak to either by telephone, email or letter that are capable of support. If you find that you deal with a specific company or place of support and you don’t see it on the following pages, please do let us know and we will look into it! There are literally hundreds of places to help with support and we hope you find the right one for YOU.



Information on CRPS support


CRPS Support can come in various different ways, whether it is talking to someone like a Counsellor or even just your loved one or friends. It is important as a sufferer or carer/family member/friend/loved one that you don’t bottle it up inside as it may cause more and more problems and you feel like it has spiralled out of control. Whatever you do – Don’t Panic!


Please look through the pages within this support section not just about the various links to help support sufferers or their families, friends and loved ones but also on other things that you and we can do to help each other to raise awareness of this chronic pain condition; CRPS/RSD. To make it easier to look over, we have split this support section into several support pages:









We do hope you will find sufficient information to help and support you at whatever point you are at with your CRPS or chronic pain condition. However if you have a link to add to 1 of the support pages or a suggestion please do send us an email or CONTACT US.


Last Updated: 06/07/2015


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