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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy NHS

Three reasons why we can help when faced with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

More often than not we want to get a diagnosis on our pain so that we can feel understood and figure out a treatment plan. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with RSD, you may be feeling even more confused than you were before. With still very little known about RSD, it can be intimidating receiving the diagnosis, but with our help, we hope to be your guiding light and support.

Plenty of information– On our website we give you access to a wealth of information which will give you back some power. There’s plenty to read through and we have lots of information on research, treatment plans and pain scales to hopefully help you feel more in control and ease your worries.

Fundraising ideas and gaining awareness– In addition to our fundraising page, we have an online shop filled with fun and interesting gifts which will help spread the word of RSD.

Support for carers– We know that RSD affects both the sufferer and those around them, so we have plenty of info on our website to help ease the pain that carers may feel at times.

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