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Holly's CRPS Story

Holly's CRPS Story

As you all know Burning Nights like to share with you CRPS journeys from fellow CRPS sufferers and their families or carers. This time our journey is from HOLLY BILLINGHURST. Holly’s story has been taken from her own blog site which she kindly gave us permission to reproduce some of it here. Holly not only has CRPS, but she also has POTS, EDS, degenerated discs in her back and more. So this is Holly’s CRPS story as told on her blog “The Hippy Geek”


This all started after I recently (2013) had a bit of a health ‘blip’. By blip I mean riding in an ambulance with massive breathing difficulties, chest pain and a virus that caused medical type people to notice that I had high blood pressure, general tachycardia, raised blood glucose and an immune system that had been beaten to a pulp by a mixture of stress and me ignoring my physical and emotional well being over being good at my job.

So, I realized that I’d rather not die at 33 and have started making small but significant changes to my life which are bringing me closer to being healthier and as a by-product, a bit of a hippy.

This is my experiment to see if I can continue as a nerd and a mother whilst becoming a bit more of a hippy. If that brings more peace to my life then all the better, although I think my husband may have something to say about the free love bit!

Since (and before) then, I have been diagnosed with a number of things until a GP joined the dots in 2015 and identified Ehlers Danlos which takes all the little individual pieces and makes up on gigantic genetic puzzle. Much of my blogging now revolves around my ranting about various dislocations, trying to get up & down stairs on my bum, and a love/hate relationship with the medical profession.

….. you might want to get a cup of tea.


Read more about Holly’s CRPS story at her next Pain Management appointment on her blog site “The Hippy Geek”.

Holly’s blog site – The Hippy Geek
Holly’s Twitter – @WorthingWeb 


Thank you so much Holly for sending us your journey with not only CRPS but also EDS and POTS, and sharing your fabulous blog site as well. Please share Holly’s CRPS story using the social media buttons below the blog!

If you would like to share your CRPS story either as a sufferer or as a family member or carer, then please get in touch and let us know! Will you be the next CRPS journey we share?


November is CRPS awareness month and we are looking for more stories like Jack’s CRPS story to share with you on our website, to show that you’re not alone either living with this horrific chronic condition or that you live or love someone with CRPS.

If you’d like to share your CRPS story with us, please get in touch with your story (maximum 1000-1250 words) and a couple of photos that we can share to show how people have been affected by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Visit How to share your personal CRPS stories to find out more. We’re here to support you!

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Written: 20/04/2016


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