Burning Nights CRPS Support is a UK national charity dedicated to raising awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)


Burning Nights CRPS Support began as a fairly small UK non profit organisation to help those affected by the chronic pain condition; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS.) It is now a fully registered UK charity dedicated to CRPS.

The idea of the website and organisation was thought of by the Founder and Chair of Trustees for the charity; Victoria Abbott-Fleming. Victoria has suffered with CRPS since an accident at work in 2003 and during the time she has had CRPS, she has needed both her legs to be amputated above the knee due to aggressive and extreme symptoms of CRPS. You can read Victoria’s story on her Founder’s page in our website. So how exactly did Burning Nights all begin?



Burning Nights CRPS Support began as the title for Victoria’s, the founder and chair or trustees, autobiography that she is currently trying to get published and has been writing for a few years now. The actual words for the title for the book was because of the burning pain from the CRPS that she felt as a sufferer, along with thousands of other CRPS sufferers and because it burnt more at night after the day was over and things calmed down. So the name ‘Burning Nights’ it was! After Victoria was told in July 2014 that it was very likely she would need her 2nd leg amputated because of the aggressive and severe symptoms she had, she decided that she wanted to create an awareness website for CRPS sufferers in the UK and worldwide. Before this point in her time with the condition, Victoria had been far too poorly and in hospital so much that there was no possible way that she could do what she wanted to do to help other sufferers and their families, friends, carers and loved ones. The website, social media and content was finally up and running on 1st September 2014. So this was how Burning Nights CRPS Support began.



However we now needed a logo! This proved to be very tricky indeed as we wanted something that wasn’t just the standard orange awareness ribbon that most non-profits and charities use. The design was created by LINDSEY McCORMACK in Phoenix, Arizona USA. Lindsey is a fantastic graphic designer who does work for clients corporate, non-profit and charities both in the USA and worldwide, making her an exceptional person to go to in the need of designs! You can see her design work on her DRIBBBLE PROFILE PAGE (dribbble.com/lamccormack)  Lindsey gave us the logo and all the copyright to it, which meant that we could copyright our beautiful logo here in the UK, which is what we have now.

Burning Nights orange side version


Burning Nights orange logo




When Victoria finally found a great web design company to help her fulfill the task of setting up the website, she wasn’t disappointed in her eventual choice after some problems not concerning the company. The content for the website was written and one of the main aims for the website and for more importantly Burning Nights, is that the everything is evidence based and is as up to date as possible. This is a philosophy of Burning Nights is to ensure that you, the reader, can be reassured that the information we give out is accurate and current.

Products and awareness leaflets were added to the website along with an online community forum where sufferers as well as loved ones, family members, friends and carers can go and chat with others like you who have lived with the condition and who are going through life with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Burning Nights became a non-profit organisation and we didn’t realise the actual desperate need for our website, information and products from sufferers, family members, and friends as well as the need from the medical professionals themselves.

The social media side of Burning Nights CRPS Support grew and grew and now we have a great set of admins as well as 3 of the charities’ trustees who really get involved and who want to help others cope and deal with the condition either as a sufferer or a loved one or family member. Here are the links the our social media pages:

BURNING NIGHTS CRPS SUPPORT ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!   I have just been thinking about Burning Nights and how many people you are helping with your news and advice that you always give. You have a global reach for your site and look at how many people you have helped and provided support to. Burning

Dr Michael J Cooney Clinical Director, Calmare NJ New Jersey, USA June 2, 2016



Every year during the whole of the month of November, starting off with 'Colour The World Orange' day on the 1st Monday of every November, we have International CRPS awareness month. Overall International CRPS awareness month, November 2015, was extremely successful! We had our inaugural meet & greet conference on Saturday 7th November which was a huge success for everyone who came. We had some great speakers and at times the day became quite emotional. You can watch a short 5 minute video of the highlights of the meet & greet conference which you can watch in our YouTube channel.

There were a number of fundraisers that went on including; Lisa Davis who shaved off all of her hair and raised £1,000! There were coffee mornings, a Curry night, House of Commons bottle of wine with the signature of David Cameron MP & Prime Minister auction, 3 month sponsored beard grow, raffle during the conference, generous donations and much more! You can read about our fundraisers on our FUNDRAISING page.



7 November 2015 was the date of our Inaugural Meet & Greet conference event and we held it at the Birmingham Marriott hotel. It was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed it! We held a raffle with some great prizes including a unique painting by an artist who is also a CRPS sufferer, Natalie Sheridan and another CRPS sufferer, Larissa Ralph brought some beautifully made cupcakes and she kindly donated the money received to us. In 2016, we held our 2nd Annual conference on SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2016. It was a full FREE 1 day event, lunch and refreshments were included within the day.

If you are interested in coming along to our next CRPS Annual National Conference but you're not sure, why not watch a short 5 minute video of what went at our Inaugural Conference! Contact us to put your name down and let us know the number of free tickets you would like. (At the moment the maximum number of tickets you can ask for is 4)


We are currently holding regular CRPS support groups in MANCHESTER. If you are interested in coming to our next CRPS support group in Manchester please keep an eye on the EVENTS page for the date of the next group!

We are now also holding support groups in BRISTOL and also in Central LondonIf you're interested in coming to our next Bath/Bristol or London support group please contact us and put your name down.

However if you are interested in running your own support group for us in your own local area, please contact us and let us know. We can send you the necessary paperwork and details and we will look for an appropriate space.


Our charity application is now completed and we are now a registered UK charity for CRPS, which is fabulous news! Our charity registration number is 1166522. We really hope that with the sponsorship from Brian Barr and BLB solicitors, BLB Solicitors, Cromptons Solicitors and any other companies who chose to help us with sponsorship, that we will be able to create a long term, successful and sustainable charity for CRPS sufferers their families, friends, carers and loved ones. Thank You to everyone who has helped, who is helping and who are planning to help us grow this important charity. This is Our Story!

 Last Updated: 22/02/2019

Burning Nights orange side version

Why not click on the CRPS/RSD link above and read all about this debilitating and extremely painful long term condition?
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